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St. Lawrence Steel Fans and Blowers

St. Lawrence provides fan and housing repair and rebuild services, to meet or exceed OEM specifications. We realize that down time can be costly and frustrating. Our quick turnaround service includes from minor repairs of wheels to complete rebuilds of existing fans and housings. We offer a wide range of abrasion and impact materials selected to extend the wear life over the typical OEM soft carbon liners. Our systematic approach begins with a comprehensive analysis of your existing hardware, resulting in a cost effective approach to the repair or rebuild. Hubs and shafts are reused when possible, once our inspection team verifies that they are suitable for continued service. St. Lawrence manufactures and often recommends Ultra-Met, a chromium carbide overlay product for use in fans and housings that require the maximum in wear resistance. With most fan and housing units, utilizing Ultra-Met results in a significant (3 times or more) increase in wear life. We are experienced in the use of ceramics and other steels, including stainless, corrosive resistant and high temperature alloys. St. Lawrence has earned a reputation for providing quality and service at competitive prices. Our facilities and equipment have been designed to satisfy the unique requirements of our customers. Our greatest strength, however, is the dedication of our staff, who take great pride in what they do.

St. Lawrence offers:
• On-Site Evaluation
• Assessment of Wear Patterns
• Improvement Solutions
• Competitive Pricing
• Wheels / Impeller repair or rebuild
• Housing Repair or Rebuild
• Dynamic Balancing
• Shafts, Bearings, Dampers, Access doors
• Finish (Blasting and Paint)
• Experienced in Abrasive Wear Resistant Materials
• Quick Turn-Around
• Fabricated Duct Work and other filtration components with Wear Resistant Material

Ask your sales representative how St Lawrence
can prolong the life of your fan systems.