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INDUSTRIES SERVED - Aggregate, Cement, Foundries, Glass Plants, Material Shredding, Mining, Power Plants, Pulp & Paper and steel MillsSt. Lawrence Steel is a provider of wear resistant solutions serving heavy industry since 1955. We are a leader in supplying premium abrasion resistant materials, hard facing, impact resistant steels, ceramic materials and fabrications for the aggregate, cement, foundry, glass plant, material shredding, mining, power plant, pulp and paper and steel mill industries.

Every facet of handling and processing aggregate involves abrasion and impact forces.  These forces create a challenge for most equipment.  St. Lawrence has been involved in providing solutions to these challenges since 1955.  We provide shovel, bed, and blade liners, sizing screens, crusher replacement parts, grizzly bars, conveyor liners, wear piping, and silo liners designed specifically for your operation. 
Extended use from chutes, mills, silos, hoppers, mixing screws, classifiers, fan systems and crushers is what St. Lawrence provides to the cement industry.  We specialize in replacement parts / systems with the minor design changes required by your experience with your facility.

Like steel, foundry operations combine heat, abrasion and impact situations to create potential problems. We address these potential problems with extended wear mixers liners, shot blast & tumble blast liners, shakeout deck liners, shafting, sizing screens, and bag-house fan repairs.

We are a leader in supplying premium abrasion resistant materials, hard facing, impact resistant steels, ceramic materials and fabrications to the float and bottle industry.  From material handling, mixing liners, paddles, feed screws, glass crusher wear parts, chutes, feeder liners, cullet diverter gates, to loader bucket liners and lips our materials and products have been instrumental in reducing downtime within mission-critical processes in glass industries.

Material shredding / processing takes a tool on equipment.  St. Lawrence designs and produces long life wear resistant replacement components for shredders, sizing screen, conveyer liners, hammers, hammer pins, shafting, hoppers and manganese intake breaker bars.

Open pit and underground mining pose a challenge for equipment and processes. St Lawrence has 55 years of experience in providing solutions to address the most demanding abrasion and impact resistant problems.  We design, and fabricate heavy vehicle equipment liners, handling chutes, hoppers, crusher replacement components / liners, grizzly bars, wear piping, air handling and sizing screens to name a few.

Coal fired, Waste to Energy (WTE) and Refuse Derived Fuel based power generating stations depend on our wear solutions. We supply chutes, ceramic tiles, piping, mill liners, sizing screens / grates, shredder hammers, wear liners, ash handling systems to name a few of the abrasion and impact resistant fabrications. 

Natural resource companies in the pulp and paper sector require maximum uptime from their equipment and processes.  St. Lawrence has the experience to assist.  Our chipper hoods, liners, material handling fabrications, cyclones, bark hog wear parts, pins, liners, hammers, flatback elbows, and conveyor bottoms are designed to provide extended use through the design and fabrication using premium abrasion and impact resistant materials.

The coke and metallurgical industry requires an abrasion resistant engineering partner that understands the complexities of high heat and abrasion.  St Lawrence is that partner. Our chutes, hoppers, skip car liners, bag-house fans & liners, descaling hoods, entry guides, wear piping, trowellable engineered ceramic, and slag handling fabrications have been a mainstay in industry for over 55 years.