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St Lawrence Steel - Shafting and Bar Products - Microsteel®

The Armor Plate Grade
is a tough, shock and fatigue resisting Chrome-Nickel-Moly alloy steel turned ground and polished bar. In the delivered heat treated condition, it has the highest combination of tensile strength and ductility while maintaining comparable high machinability. Microsteel is quenched and tempered, stress relieved and machine straightened prior to grinding. This process insures proper grain structure alignment, removal of longitudinal stress factors and confines hardness range to within 2% variance in any bar or plate section. Most air-cooled alloy products, except tool steel, cannot meet these qualifications. A slight reduction in hardness from surface to core is more desirable than “air-hardened through hardness” since this provides much higher ductility and resistance to shock.
Chrome-Nickel-Moly Alloy Steel – Microsteel®
Hardness Range: 269 - 341 BHN, nominal
Forms: Turned Ground & Polished Bars, and Custom bars
Std Sizes: Diameters 7/16˝ to 6˝ in 1/16˝ increments
Lengths 20 – 24´