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SLS Chrome Carbide Insert Lined Pipe
St. Lawrence is an industry leader in chrome carbide overlay (hardfacing).  Our Insert Lined Elbows and pipes are designed for Long Life in High Abrasion Piping Systems.  We repair, rebuild and construct new elbow and pipe liners.  Applications include pneumatic and hydraulic piping systems for extremely abrasive materials such as coal, foundry sand, lime/ash injection, glass transport, and mine backfill.  Chrome carbide insert components are ideal for improving system performance and life – upgrading, renovations, or component replacement. The cast segments offer a thick outer wall on bends where impact and sliding abrasion occur.  Multiple end options are available, including flanges, couplings or plain ends.

SLS Chrome Carbide Insert Lined Pipe - Technical Summary
Hardness Range: 700 BHN max

Forms: Straight or formed pipe inserts

Available sizes:
3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” diameter, bends have CLR = 5D for 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, and CLR = 2D for 5”

Consult your local St. Lawrence Sales Rep for sizes, shapes and wall thickness

SLS Chrome Carbide Insert Lined Pipe - Recommended material processing
We strongly recommend the use of St. Lawrence Steel’s fabrication services to eliminate errors in the processing and fabrication with Ultra-Met® Pipe.  Piping and inserts are design to your unique application and dimensions.