Custom metal fabrications

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Quality Fabrication to Your Exact Specifications

For decades, industrial companies have trusted St. Lawrence with their most difficult metal fabrication and equipment rebuilds. Our experienced and highly trained staff is ready to provide the highest quality custom fabrications and rebuilds to your exact specifications and on time.

Fabrication Services

  • Bending – Timely bending services available to achieve the precise angle needed
  • Blanchard Grinding – Blanchard grinders from 36” to 144” in size allowing a 156” corner to corner surface grinding area. Capable of grinding hardened alloys and nonmagnetic steel alloys such as stainless steel.
  • Blanking – Offering both large run and short run production quantities, no job is too small for St. Lawrence Steel.
  • CNC Machining – Our state-of-the-art computer numerically controlled (CNC) system gives our customers the benefit of less manufacturing time, saving them money.
  • Cutting – Our multiple burning tables are equipped with dry and water capacity for burning and cutting. We have the ability to flame cut plate up to 15 inches in thickness and 120 inches in width.
    • Oxy-Fuel – Available for plates 120” wide, up to 480” long and up to 15” thick.
    • Laser – Available for plates 72” wide, up to 120” long and up to 1” thick.
    • Water Jet – Available for plates 72” wide, up to 120” long, and up to 1” thick.
    • Plasma – Available for plates 120” wide, up to 480” long, and up to 4” thick
  • Drilling & Countersinking – St. Lawrence Steel can drill and countersink holes from ¼ inch to 5 inches in diameter in plates up to 15 inches thick.
  • Forming – In-house forming to meet exact customer needs by use of brake press or rolls.
  • Grinding – hand grinding to remove slag from thermal cutting, as well as weld prep bevels.
  • Hard Facing – Expertly hand laid hard facing additions to surfaces that are subjected to extra wear and tear via chromium carbide or tungsten carbide facing.
  • Heat Treating – St. Lawrence Steel has the ability to heat treat parts up to 40 feet long and 8 feet wide. The furnace-quenching facilities work with heat treated steel plate and handle everything from angles and channels to wide flange beams.
  • Pipe Lining – Ceramic lining pipes provides exceptional abrasion resistance that no other material can match in environments up to 2200 degrees F.
  • Plate demagnetization – Contact St. Lawrence Steel to demagnetize your plates.
  • Polishing – For projects where aesthetics are valued, St Lawrence Steel surpasses customer expectations for surface finish.
  • Surface Prep/Painting – Delivering surfaces that are ready to paint is easily obtainable with in-house blasting capabilities. Full service painted fixtures available per customer requests.
  • Straightening / Flattening – St. Lawrence Steel can achieve flatter and straighter steel parts to better than ASTM A6 standards upon request.
  • Thermal Processing – Stress relieving, annealing, normalizing, tempering, quench and tempering can all be accomplished in our facility.
  • Welding – Our abilities range from manual to automated welding technologies, including MIG and TIG for manganese and other steel alloys. Standard process includes pre-heating, edge preparation, and post-weld stress relieving.
custom fabrication of Pulverizer Throat Ring
Custom Metal Fabrication


St. Lawrence has a reputation for providing the highest quality fabrications using the industries best material while offering highly competitive pricing. Our facility and equipment have been designed to satisfy the unique requirements of our customers.

When Others Say "No" Bring the Job to Us. We Make the Difficult Easy.

  • Large structures
  • Thick materials: Up to 3″ thick
  • Hard materials: Over 600 BHN & overlay materials
  • Difficult shapes: Ex. Eccentric cones
  • All the above

You Can Count On St. Lawrence

  • Reliable service
  • On time delivery/project completion
  • Highest quality work
  • Work performed to your exact specifications
  • Proven experience