SLS® Alumina Ceramic Tile

90% Alumina Ceramic Wear Tile

SLS Ceramic Tile® is a preferred liner option in areas of extreme small particulate abrasion with minimal impact. The 90% fine grain, high grade alumina is manufactured to the highest standards, producing a premium product that can hold up to your most abrasive materials. Ceramic tiles offer great mechanical properties with superior sliding abrasion resistance.

SLS Ceramic Tiles® are offered in several thicknesses to address the requirements of your specific application. SLS Ceramic Tiles® are offered with a choice of attachment methods for optimal performance.


  • Greatest Level of Sliding Abrasion Resistance
  • Cost Effective
  • Multiple Thickness Options
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Multiple Attachment Options
SLS Alumina Ceramic Wear Tile
SLS Alumina Ceramic Wear Tile

Physical Properties Comparison

Bulk DensityYoung's Modulus (MoE)*Vickers Hardness*Shear Modulus*Surface Finish
215 lbs/ft339 x 106 psi1.31 x 106 psi16 x 106 psi63 μin

*At 68° F

SLS Alumina Ceramic Wear Tile

Standard Thicknesses


Attachment Options: Epoxy or Weld-in

Note: SLS Ceramic Tile is available as a material option for repairs, rebuilds and new fabrications only. Not for sale directly.